Terms and Conditions

Ticket to HUSHUP events are managed and sold by “The Seller” HUSHUP LTD. All claims are the sole responsibility of the seller. The ticket is sold subject to the following conditions:

In consideration of participating in any way in events organised by HUSHUP LTD, and all related events and activities, I, the participant, acknowledges, appreciates, and agrees that:

1. I will comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation.

2. I hereby authorise and give my full consent to HUSHUP LTD to copyright and/or publish any and all photographs, video and/or broadcasts in which I appear while attending any HUSHUP LTD event. I
further agree that HUSHUP LTD may transfer, use or cause to be used, photographs, video, or broadcasts for any exhibitions, public displays, publications, commercials, online streaming, art and advertising purposes, and television programs without limitations or reservations.

3. I agree that as a participant, player, competitor, organiser, observer or spectator, at a HUSHUP LTD event, I will not be in possession of or under the influence of illegal/banned drugs.
Additionally, I will not engage in any unlawful acts at such events, including but not limited to the unlawful or unauthorised use, possession, distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages or
illegal/banned drugs at said events.

4. I understand and acknowledge that any person showing signs of intoxication and/or displaying behavior that is deemed anti-social, or abusive so as to cause a nuisance, annoyance, or danger to themselves or others can expect to be ejected from the event and refused entry to any future HUSHUP LTD events. Their ticket and/or wristband that acknowledges entry to the event may be taken off them and no refund for their ticket will be given.

5. I understand and acknowledge that a person who causes damage to another person, property, vehicle or equipment, be it physical or in the case of a person physical/psychological, then the person responsible for causing the damage can expect to be required to pay compensation to repair or replace property, vehicles or equipment, or pay for the treatment of a person they have harmed. Any refusal to do so may result in court proceedings.

6. I understand and acknowledge that only participants aged 18 or over may attend HUSHUP LTD events and that ticket holders must produce acceptable proof of identity / age. If I purchase a ticket to a HUSHUP LTD event for or on behalf of a person under the age of 18 then both myself and that person will not be granted admittance and no refund for the ticket(s) will be given.

7. I understand and acknowledge that no refund on any ticket will be given except in the instance that the event is cancelled or in accordance with applicable laws in the region of purchase and at the discretion of HUSHUP LTD. Service charges are not refundable.

8. I understand and acknowledge that the right is reserved to charge a fee for the replacement or exchange of tickets, subject to availability and seller’s policy.

9. I understand and acknowledge that the right is reserved by HUSHUP LTD to add, withdraw or substitute artists, sponsors, equipment, venues, products and/or vary advertised programs, price, arrangements and participant and/or spectator capacity.

10. I understand and acknowledge that late arrivals may result in non-admittance to any HUSHUP LTD event.

11. I understand and acknowledge that entry must be refused if tickets are damaged, defaced, appear fraudulent or are not purchased from HUSHUP LTD or other authorised agent.

12. I understand and acknowledge that “The Site” www.hushup.hk [3] may have reference or link to Third-Party Sites. HUSHUP LTD has no control over these Third-Party Sites or the content within them. HUSHUP LTD cannot guarantee that the content contained in these Third-Party Sites is complete, accurate, and/or legal. HUSHUP LTD does not warrant that these Third Party Sites will not contain viruses or otherwise impact your computer. By using the Site to purchase products, search, or link to Third-Party sites, you agree and understand that you may not make any claim against HUSHUP LTD for any damages or losses, whatsoever, resulting from your use of the Site or Third-Party sites.

13. Typhoon & Black Rainstorm Policy – In the event of heavy rain/downpour, Typhoon signal number 3 or higher, or a Black Rainstorm warning is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory on the day of the event (or there is a significant threat posed by weather or natural disaster to the safety of the event as pre-determined by representatives of HUSHUP LTD up to 48 hours in advance), HUSHUP LTD reserves the right to reschedule, postpone or cancel the event. In the event of rescheduling, participants will keep their tickets for the new event date. No refunds will be given if the event is rescheduled within a month of the original date.